"When I returned home from my 1st Reiki Session with Anne I wanted to relax into the energy treatment. After sitting quietly I noticed something had shifted within me. I felt more connected to my 'whole self.' My energy channels were more open and I felt deep contentment. My session was over a week ago and I am still aware of these subtle shifts. I will be scheduling another appointment." -Methow Valley Resident

"Anne is a very intuitive healer, she has amazing gifts. She is a joy to work with." -Distance Reiki Recipient

"I have struggled so long with sleep and fatigue. The recent medication I use for epilepsy left me tired throughout the day. I really needed help with this and Anne Young was able to use Reiki to assist me. I now sleep through the night for the very first time since I was a child. The fatigue I have been experiencing improved greatly. I take walks that I was unable to take with my 3 golden retrievers. I can keep up with them! I am excited for my next session with Anne and would confidently refer her to anyone. Thank you, Anne, for using your skills as a Reiki master to help me heal both emotionally and physically." -Methow Valley Visitor

“Anne is a wonderful, caring person who really resonates with a Christ-like vibration. During my Reiki session with her I felt very connected to the indescribable infiniteness of all of creation. I was very pregnant at the time and felt a calmness and serenity during the Reiki session that helped me connect with the soul of my child and prepare for his arrival to this realm. Anne’s healing touch really helped re-center me to the frequency of Divine Love and Divine Light which helped me to leave much stress and worry on the table.” -Avery Young | LMT

"The time I had with you was special. It seems I have to continually shed grief for my beloved twin star, and each time I do, I feel her presence encouraging the letting go and acceptance. My soft mortal heart just misses her so. It felt very natural to cry with you and I felt we shared a beautiful moment conjointly grieving. Thank you for providing such a safe and lovely container for vulnerability." -Stacey Williams | Yoga Instructor

"Anne is so deeply reverent in the way she delivers her healing sessions. I felt completely safe and secure in her space. Her touch is so gentle and she embodies a beautiful divine feminine energy. I have chronic issues held in my jaw and digestive system. When she worked on these areas I definitely felt a release. The next day my body was detoxing so obviously the session was powerful. She was also able to connect with my paternal grandmother who is passed and relay a message from her to me which was deeply resonant. I highly recommend Anne for deep healing work!" -Tanya Golzoles-Ortega

“Anne’s Reiki meditations are top notch. Super relaxin an measuring sessions, always making sure you’re comfortable. You’ll have feeling cleansed, relaxed rejuvenated and unstuck. Every session has familiarity. ‘Golden white light shining down from the heavens surrounding you and holding you, letting you know that you’re capable of what ever you set out to do or be.’ She’s helped me overcome social anxiety.” - Madison Breitbeil


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Holy Fire Karuna Reiki is intended to supplement medical treatment and not replace it.

If you are having a medical emergency please call 911.

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